LIFE UNSCRIPTED by Lawrence del Mundo

Lawrence is an amateur photographer who takes pictures for a living.

He took up photography in 2010 to visually record the life of his young family.

Nowadays, he is busy documenting various life events for people who prefer the documentary approach, using available light, to photography.

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    Baker's Dozen: "Silver" by Lawrence del Mundo

    Though this didn’t make it to National Geographic’s Your Shot “The Daily Dozen”, I am thankful that it moved the photo editors to even consider it. 

    In fact, I am very thankful about coming in at #13… 

    The photo gets featured by itself on a blog entry in NatGeo’s Your Shot Blog.

    Thank you, Jay Ganzon, for giving me the heads up! 




    In our Baker’s Dozen feature we highlight photographs we love that didn’t quite make the Daily Dozen.


    Photograph by Lawrence del Mundo

    This is definitely an image that asks you to look again. The unique perspective leaves you wondering- was Lawrence underwater looking up, or…